Carbonic Acid (CO2) Therapy

Carbonic Acid Therapy is a widely spreading treatment to help aid in rejuvenating the body for health, cosmetic and pharmaceutical reasons. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) will convert to Carbonic Acid, H2CO3, when presented within a body of water or steam. Carbonic acid, H2CO3, is CO2 dissolved in water.

By introducing CO2 into a steam chamber (sauna) to react with the highly excited H2O steam molecules, a new compound, Carbonic Acid H2CO3, is formed. It has the ability to penetrate effortlessly into the skin and bloodstream due to its highly soluble state which increases the oxygen absorption ability of blood, muscles and skin. This is known as the Bohr Effect.

Carbonic Acid Therapy produces results that are highly sought after by top medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic scientists across the world. They are investing vast amounts of funds to try and find ways to try and replicate the results Carbonic Acid Therapy provides. The conclusion of the Bohr Effect is that it increases the energy production that is needed for the body to sustain, protect, and improve itself. The two major mechanisms of actions are CNS (Central Nervous System) sedation and vasodilatation of blood vessels.

Carbonic Acid Therapy assists in many health and wellness treatments as well as provides a natural treatment for cosmetic procedures.

Although CO2 Therapy is used for cosmetic purposes, it’s benefits are more potent as a treatment for the cardiovascular system. Carbonic Acid is very effective and responsive to the heart and blood vessels. It is acclaimed to improve blood circulation and helps decrease vascular diseases. Some diseases for which it can be an effective adjunct in treatment are hypertension, diabetes, coronary complications and minor vascular insufficiency. It provides a natural anti-inflammatory effect and relief from pain.

Carbonic Acid therapy serves for both medicinal healing and cosmetic healing. It is a natural therapy that is non-invasive with no side effects or immune suppression.

Successfully reducing the negative impact of such cardiovascular threats as hypertension, arteriolar occlusion and other arteriolar and microcirculatory disorders and functional heart disorders is a life-extending reality with Carbonic Acid Therapy.

Carbonic Acid Therapy is an excellent substitute for exercise in the sick, weak, and elderly. It can prevent limb amputation due to complications of diabetic foot. It promotes faster wound healing and speeds up recovery time.

Cosmetically, the benefits of Carbonic Acid Therapy are limitless. The therapy acts as a powerful cleanser by irrigating the skin and flushing away toxins; exfoliation occurs. The tone, texture and appearance of the skin are improved. Other skin Improvement includes scar reduction, cellulite removal, and reduction of stretch marks. The skin begins to glow and it becomes more vibrant.

Since Carbonic Acid Therapy helps to increase blood flow, and speed up the process of breaking down fat, it can eliminate the need for some plastic surgeries for cellulite reduction and liposuction. This therapy is a more viable option for many who have health issues that make surgery too great a risk. Carbonic Acid Therapy’s lower cost, non-invasive nature and comparable results would make it a much preferred and sought after modality.

Additional benefits of Carbonic Acid Therapy are:

1. Dilates the arteries to increase blood flow throughout the entire body

2. Enhances oxygen delivery at cellular level in the muscles, organs, brain, skin and other parts of the body

3. Flushes the skin temporarily to a healthy pink color

4. Stimulates warmth receptors in the skin, inhibits cold receptors

5. Reconstructs functionally closed capillaries

6. Naturally sedates and calms the central nervous system

7. Reduces stress, relaxes the muscles and the mind

8. Increased mobility

9. Reduced muscle spasms

10. Improved sense of well-being

11. Increased energy and vitality

12. Improved erectile function and anti-aging effects 

Carbonic Acid Therapy is a well published and well proven modality. It is a safe, natural treatment that has no side effects or immune suppression. It is easy to demonstrate the ability and establish the credibility of Carbonic acid therapy; some visible, tangible, and measureable results occur quickly.